Friday, September 16, 2011

Preventative measures!

I have yet another super-busy weekend planned, and it feels like I'm starting to come down with a cold! A cold will absolutely put a damper on my plans, so I'm thinking of bailing on the art opening we were planning to go to tonight (I know the artist!) (and the show is open for a few more weeks, so I can still see it!) so I can stay curled up on the couch, drinking cider and/or tea, and then go to bed early.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'm heading to the Number One Public Market in the country (you should come too, but don't murder me!) to buy a bushel of tomatoes, then I'm heading to a friend's house to spend the day canning said tomatoes. I'm bringing my knitting, to complete the weird pioneer vibe.

Then, Sunday, several friends and I are adventuring out to a small farm owned by some crazy people to investigate the possibilities of purchasing some alpaca fiber from them. One of my friends stopped there to buy some fresh eggs and was charged by a llama, so I'm thinking there will be no way we walk out of there without at least a little excitement. After we settle the alpaca issue, we're driving an hour away to the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival, to buy yarn and delicious festival foods and to look at things like sheep being sheared and handspinning competitions.

It really is an overall Pioneer-Type Weekend, isn't it? I can't let this cold bring me down!

What do you do to prevent a cold from settling in??


  1. I had plans last weekend to process cedar bark with my friend for weaving, and finish the rim on my sally bag... but I got really sick and had to cancel :(
    We're being punished for our wholesomeness! Eff you, Universe!

  2. Ok, the cedar bark thing I can figure out - and it sounds wholesome and pioneering, which I dig - but what the heck is a Sally bag? It sounds interesting. Feel better!