Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby names

A new installment of weird or awful baby names from my city, in plain old list form, because I'm freaking beat and all I want to do is take my pants off and watch Home Alone:

- Kyzen Claron
- Tyhr'eanna (I swear to you this is how it's spelled in the paper. Tyranny-a?)
- Jisaiah
- Kai'Lanei Nicholle
- Car'tysia Rachelle Sy'Vehya (why capitalize the mid-name V but not the T?)
- Ra'Shell Lamajah
- Noah Guillaume [Polish Last Name] (I just think that combination of names sounds jarring)
- Sin'Cere
- Ehlise (maybe trying to show it's a short-E sound? Still weird.)
- Kristina Kemilah Kennedy [Last Name]. THEY GAVE THEIR DAUGHTER THE INITIALS "KKK."
- Admyer ZaKyle
- Lahyla (how the hell is that pronounced? Are they being creative with Layla? Or maybe Lyla?)

Interesting fact: "baby names" is the most frequent search term that gets people to this blog.

Am I being too harsh? Any of those names seem normal to you?


  1. At least people are using apostrophes.

  2. I really like your positive take on this. It's my secret fear that I'll end up with a foster kid with multiple apostrophes, and I'll want to explain that I didn't make it up any time I have to spell the name to anyone.

  3. My favorite is when people google some absurd name to make sure it's unique and they end up here... Being judged.

    Also, enough with the home alone.

  4. Yo, Kid, I don't judge you for watching Dr. Who or doing puzzles. THAT'S RIGHT, I CALLED YOU OUT.

    And I figure this is like a public service project or something - maybe people checking these names out will think twice before saddling poor defenseless babies with them.