Monday, August 22, 2011

Unpopular opinions

I know this isn’t tumblr, but here are three unpopular opinions:

1. I cannot stand Glee. I watched the first half of the first season, and then the Rocky Horror episode, and that’s it. I don’t mind the singing, but I mind: 
  •     The completely inappropriate teacher-student relationships, and the completely inappropriate way teachers use classrooms/ the school buildings to do whatever they want. Um, not to ruin it, but that really doesn't happen, except in very rare cases that result in firings. 
  • The obvious discomfort with alternative sexualities (I KNOW KURT IS GAY, and everyone loves him, mostly, but it’s not okay to show him kissing a boy and be all OH MY GOD WE’RE EDGY but feature Santana and Brittany making out several episodes before that without anyone batting an eye. So girls kissing = sexy but boys kissing = BIG DEAL WE’RE ACCEPTING. Oh, I get it.) 
    • Speaking of: they changed “transsexual” to “sensational” in the Rocky episode. One of my close friends is transgendered, and it really, really bothers me that they acted like the word “transsexual” was a cuss, or too big a deal to say in prime-time. Can anyone explain that choice to me?
  • Absolutely zero effort to develop or maintain a storyline, ever
Go ahead and have at me, but that show is dreck.

2. I only paint my nails pink, red, coral, or black. The end. I have a hard time taking people seriously if they’re grown-ass women with nails the color of a blue-razz slurpee. I can get behind the glitter nail thing that’s happening now, as long as the main colors are pink or sliver. I’m judgy that way. I mean, your nails look great, I'm sure, but I haven't had lavender-colored nails since middle school.

3. I don’t have a single show that I have to watch. I used to see every episode of The Office, and, by default because they were on back-to-back, 30 Rock, but I haven’t seen a real-time episode in maybe ten months? We got busy, and then I remembered that I like people and I have better things to do. I’m not saying I don’t like tv, because I do. I’ll veg out with the best of ‘em. (I even hate when decorating mags suggest you hide your tv in an armoire, like that isn't going to end up with doors open and a bigger mess than just decorating around it.) But I’m not going to flake on plans or pretend I’m busy so I can watch tv. (Note: This item brought to you by the fact that a chick whose tumblr I read confessed that she cancelled a date to watch Gilmore Girls, mixed in with posts about being lonely and a cat lady and stuff. Huh.) This one is especially awesome because I got a postcard today telling me that we've been selected to be a Nielsen family this year! My stats ain't gonna help, guys!

What unpopular opinions do you hold dear?


  1. My most unpopular opinion: Your kid isn't cute. It (read: every single one) looks like a monkey (which, strangely, would be cute) and the obnoxious things it does are also not cute. And for eff's sake, speak to it in a normal voice, 'cause you're being obnoxious too.

  2. Also, I am very torn on Glee for the reasons you've stated - I love it (okay, I love Kurt, Journey and Babs) but I know it's crap and really not as "progressive" as anyone wants to pretend.

  3. YES. Everything you said about Glee. As a teacher, I find myself saying all the time 'okay no. Gwyneth would not be back to sub if that's how she talked to the students' and 'um, there's no way that song would be allowed to be sung at school with those lyrics'... I could go on and on and on. And the annoying part is that it makes me feel like a prude (which I'm not!) it's just not realistic.

    I had a girlfriend whose father is a doctor. She couldn't watch ER for the same reason. Everything was 'okay, that would NEVER happen'.

    As for other unpopular opinions- leggings are not pants, Lady Gaga is not the new Madonna and yogurt tastes like feet- I don't care how healthy it is, it's not going in my fridge, let alone my mouth!

  4. Um, what is tumblr and you need to do that neilson thing they send you cash!!!!! We did it last year and i got $1 in the firs thing so i sent it back and got $5 the next time then $10!!! Ok it's only $16 but all you have to do is tell them you don't really watch tv (our survey only had 3 entries) and they pay you. Yes, please.

  5. Yes to strangers' kids being ugly for sure, and to leggings (and tights!) not being pants, and I'm glad that y'all get me about Glee. And please excuse my sister for not knowing about tumblr. She's new to the internet, apparently.

  6. My most unpopular opinion is that the book Like Water for Elephants sucked.

  7. I mean Water for Elephants. I think I got it mixed up with Like Water for Chocolate (which I loved.)

  8. I liked Like Water for Chocolate better than the elephants one - but I tend to be a literature snob, so that wasn't a surprise to anyone.