Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So busy and important.

UPDATE: I fixed all the weird busted links. Sorry about that. But no, really, try the corn fritters.

Tuesdays are the new busy day, so you’ll probably get a little less awesome from me on Tuesdays in the next few weeks. I have to leave work around 4, drive half an hour to get our CSA share, drive half an hour home, feed the dogs and let them out and give them a little love, and drive fourteen minutes to our classes, which start on 6 on the nose and which include having to go through a security checkpoint. So, you know, a little rushed for time. If I were a better blogger, I’d have posts set up ahead of time, but you all know that ain’t me.

Today the coworker who sits in the cubicle right next to mine spent, oh, four and a half hours scrolling slowly through pdfs. I am not kidding. I already had a headache, and my passive aggressive response of eating a box of strawberry Nerds as loudly as I could just made my stomach hurt too. Ugh. Teeth on edge all day.

But! I’ve been spending some slow moments reading the last year’s worth of posts from Stephanie at I Need An Adult (http://haygirlhay.tumblr.com/!) and can happily point you towards three recipes she has linked to, all of which I need in my life:

Thai-style corn fritters (I need instruction on when to put Sweet Chili Sauce on things, so this is helpful).

Mushroom, spinach, and asparagus pasta (I don’t even mind that the sauce is basically cream cheese thinned with milk) (ugh, and when you’re done with that, drool over the homemade ricotta. I don’t even care about making homemade ricotta but this looks so freaking good.)

Oh, and for those of you with a sweet tooth, I’ve got you covered too: S’MORES COOKIES. Not kidding.

Oh, and I just got home and discovered that the shirt I'm wearing should only be worn with a skin-tone bra (NOT WEARING ONE) and also that bending over to pick up the car keys I just dropped makes me feel like my head is broken forever.

Please, for the love of everything holy, share something delightful with me.


  1. Don't know if you're getting lots of fennel in your CSA, but my solution to the large quantities I have (and my mounting stress) is a salad of cubed watermelon, chopped fennel greens and a healthy dose of white rum as "dressing." Delightful. :)

  2. We haven't gotten any fennel at all yet, but I am absolutely keeping this in mind. Rum as salad dressing is my new go-to "recipe," I think. No, seriously, boss, all I had for lunch was a salad! GENIUS.