Friday, June 3, 2011

Two lists.

Movies Andy and I have watched in the last week-ish.
1. Spider-Man.
2. Little Shop of Horrors. I have had "Suddenly Seymour" stuck in my head since Tuesday night. Andy was amazed that Bill Murray and Steve Martin were in it.
3. Terminator. I had never seen the original! It was laughably awful, but we really enjoyed imagining people coming out of the theater the year we were born, exclaiming about how awesome the graphics were.
4. Spider-Man 2. I'm betting Andy will insist on watching the third sometime soon, too.
5. Blazing Saddles. We're planning to watch this tonight, to make up for the gaping lack of having-seen-it in our lives.

More possible names for my band.
Shitty Antics
Meat Sprinkles
Chief Matthew McDonut
The Main Fat Guy
Do Your Thing, Rhino
Generally Accepted
Shaft of Death
I've Had It With This Yak Carcass
Contact Meat
The Fish House
Nutmeg Vehicle
It Happened to Dickie Sanders (so indie)
Lost Souls and Butt Holes (possibly my favorite!)
Winged Pheasant
Drowning Drowning Pussies
Love Robot vs. Murder Robot
Dripping Slit (this would have to be a metal band.)
Disgruntled Transient Postal Workers
Rotting Miasma

You're welcome to any of those, by the way. Consider it a public service.

Any movie recommendations? Judging from the list, I'd say our tastes are pretty broad. Any band name suggestions?

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