Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things I will always hate

An update.

1. Being able to recognize that my worrying is pointless but unable to stop worrying anyway.
2. Commercials that use well-known songs or rhymes but fuck up the rhyme scheme or meter.
3. Waiting in line for more than, say, forty seconds.
4. Racism.
5. Anise-flavored anything, including fennel and sambuca.
6. Spending money on things I'm going to throw away, like napkins and tampons.
7. Cockroaches. Just the thought of them makes my skin crawl.
8. The fact that I almost always think it will take me less time to get ready than it actually does, leading to the fact that I am often late.
9. The texture of a banana smoothie.
10. Being woken up by a phone call from a solicitor. Makes me murderous.

What do you hate?


  1. I'm with you on #8. But my husband hates it even more.

  2. #1 is pretty high on my list. Also: people who block sidewalks and/or doorways. I live near a college campus, and the undergrads just CAN'T be bothered to make a path ON THE SIDEWALK when I'm carrying my groceries up the hill...

  3. Andy really hates #8 more than I do too. And Dylan, I have a coworker who does the opposite - she literally jumps out of your way like you took a swing at her. It's almost as irritating to me as when people won't get out of the way (which I agree is infuriating) because it's not like I'm a huge imposing figure here. She's a weirdo.