Thursday, June 23, 2011

Storms are so great!

It is about to storm in a pretty serious way. Not, like, buildings coming down and people losing everything they own serious. Just "did you see that one?" kind of thunderstorm awesomeness. I'm even considering washing dog snot off my front window so I can watch it better. (What? I didn't mention that the dogs spend the day with their noses pressed against the front window, protecting the house against intruders like squirrels and leaves and ladies with strollers, and thus my window has a film of dog snot on it? I'm sorry you didn't get the memo, but I live a really glamorous life.)

We're going over to my folks' house for dinner, which will be lovely as always, and then I'm planning to start the baby sweater I was supposed to have finished for the shower on Monday. As in, three days ago. Oops.

If this storm lasts, though, I'm going to have a hard time doing anything but staring out the window. The bizarre National Geographic specials I like to watch while knitting can wait. (True story: Someone found my blog once by searching for "MS-13 Netflix." I'm guessing this wasn't really what they were looking for.)

Do you love watching thunderstorms and weird documentaries, too?

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