Saturday, June 11, 2011

Too early.

Andy's car had to be at the shop at 8 this morning. The shop is half an hour from our house. That means that we had to leave at 7:30, for those of you too sleepy to do the math.

Luckily, I had remembered my patent-pending hangover remedy before going to bed. What's my patent-pending hangover remedy? Well, because I care about you and because I don't wish hangovers on anyone, here it is: Before retiring for the evening, take a Vitamin B Complex with a huge glass of water. I cannot tell you how much better this makes those mornings-after. I mean, you won't wake up feeling like going for a run (who does?), but you'll feel significantly more human than you might otherwise.

So I'm only mildly hungover, and Andy isn't at all, so he's outside working on our big ol' gardening project while I'm inside blogging and drinking coffee. I brought him a cup, too, so I think we're even.

Up next, I'm searching out multifamily and neighborhood yard sales going on today (Craigslist is so awesome for this). I offered to go by myself while Andy gardens, but he actually wants to go with me! Hooray!

I guess it's shaping up to be a nice little Saturday. What are your plans? Share!

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