Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CSA bounty

Today is the second day I got to go pick up my half-share of produce from the farm we're using for our CSA program. Here's last week's haul:

That's seven stalks of rhubarb (each over a foot in length), thirty-two stalks of asparagus, a big ol' bag of spinach (probably over a pound, but I didn't weigh it), five Empire apples, and six Granny Smith. The asparagus and spinach went into the quiches, half of the rhubarb into the blueberry-rhubarb sauce for ice cream, the apples went to Andy's lunches, and the rest of the rhubarb is waiting to be turned into strawberry rhubarb pie. All of this cost about $12, when you do the math. No joke.

Here's week two:
The picture is crappier (that's the cord for my coffee pot to the left, and the top of the garbage can to the right. I live a glamorous life.) but the haul is even better. We've got spinach again, more than last week, in the back right; some variety of lovely-looking lettuce in the back left; peas with edible pods (Andy's favorite!) in the glass bowl; a yellow sweet Hungarian pepper, which I don't even want to look at; a pint of delicious, sweet, teeny strawberries; and that weird twisty stuff in the middle are something called garlic scapes. Seriously: $12.

Please note that the pea pod bowl and the strawberry dish are significantly less full than they were when I took the picture ten minutes ago.

Each week, they've sent a sheet about how to care for, store, and cook with the stuff in the bin, and a recipe or two. I am not yet over how awesome this is.

Do any of you belong to a CSA thing? Are you reveling in fresh produce wherever you are? Can you please share a no-fail recipe for garlic scapes? Those things look a little weird.


  1. I pick up my second share of our CSA tomorrow! Our share is still small since we've had only intermittent temps above 70 so far in the season. This is really exciting to me, too - only $10/week!!! The garlic scapes I've got I put into a savory bread pudding but I still have more. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with them, but I think they'd be really good on the grill (like green onions) as a side dish! If you got any garlic greens also, I was told that each leaf is like half a clove of garlic and to use it that way. I'm thinking pesto, also!

  2. I can't believe I didn't get on this CSA thing sooner. I freaking love it. Thanks for the idea about grilling the garlic scapes - I think at least some of them will be going that way. I also found some awesome looking pesto recipes, so I"m hoping to find out I need MORE of these weird things in my life.

  3. If you get more garlic scapes or greens I've got more suggestions. Excellent in omelets as well as pureed with cream cheese which you can then put in omelets! Or on crackers or grilled bread.

  4. I really, really hope we get more garlic scapes. The cream cheese idea sounds SO GOOD. We used them in scrambled eggs, which was a big hit, and in potato salad and grilled. There weren't any in today's box, so I might have to truck out to the Rochester Farmer's Market this weekend to see if I can track some down.