Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring cleaning

Tomorrow we're hosting our Second Annual Mother's Day Food Thing! Last year we did brunch, but this year we're doing lunch, so I can't really give it a better name.

To get ready, I started cleaning my messy house. How do you all handle spring cleaning? Today I swept and washed the kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaned the bathroom, washed all the towels, and am going to vacuum and dust the living room after I eat some lunch. The house smells great, and it looks so much better already! I hate cleaning, but I really like having a clean house.

How do you handle division of labor? Andy and I basically take care of the things that bug us more. For example, I think he has cleaned the bathroom maybe four times since we moved in together three years ago, but I'm okay with that because I'm usually the one who thinks the bathroom is kind of getting gross and needs to be cleaned. I've mowed the lawn a comparable number of times, though I typically claim it's more, because I despise mowing the lawn and don't really notice that it needs it until a week after Andy does.

Basically, I know it's time for spring cleaning when I think my entire house is pretty gross. If possible, I get as much done on a weekend-day as I can, so I have an excuse to have people over. It works out pretty well.

Do you spring-clean? How do you tackle it?

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