Sunday, May 22, 2011

On pajamas

What is she wearing?? via
So a few nights ago Andy and I were settled on the couch, watching Spider-Man. This is the sort of thing that occasionally happens in our house, and it's because of Andy that I know how to punctuate Spider-Man properly.

ANYWAY. There's a scene at the end of the first Spider-Man movie where the Green Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane and makes Spider-Man choose between saving her and saving a bunch of school kids, because he is a bad guy. The thing that gets me is that Mary Jane, dangling from a bridge and waiting to be saved, is wearing pajamas, slippers, and a bathrobe. Do people actually wear that stuff??

I asked Andy if he thought the Green Goblin busted into her apartment, told her her doom was imminent, and waited for her to find matching pajamas and a robe and her slippers before setting off into the night. Andy pointed out that most people wear more clothes than I do when I'm home, particularly to bed.

I am not at all abashed: I sleep in my undies. I roll around a lot in my sleep, and I despise the feeling of my clothes getting all twisted up around me. So uncomfortable! I also am always cold, and I believe, as the Eskimos do, that the best way to get warm is to get naked and under a lot of blankets. If I'm sleeping at someone else's house and there's a chance they'll see me before I'm up and dressed, I wear what are basically booty shorts and a t-shirt. I haven't owned a matched set of pajamas in years - I have some flannel pants and stuff, but they're used as loungewear and removed before bed. I sort of forget sometimes that not everyone has the same weird habits as I do, so I was genuinely confused as to why MJ would be wearing full-on jammies with a bathrobe.

I wore a bathrobe this morning, but it was because I had to go outside to get the newspaper and I wasn't wearing a shirt. I kept it on while I ate breakfast because the chair in the kitchen was cold on my legs and the bathrobe took care of that. In my world, a bathrobe is a tool to keep people from seeing your business and to keep you from actually having to get dressed. It also is handy for freaking out Jehovah's Witnesses who come to the door, if you forget to tie it well. I know this from experience.

What say you, internet? Are you pro-pajama, or anti like I am? We could start a "sleep in your undies" club!

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