Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bragging a little

So I just got back from a sweet little getaway with Andy! We spent two nights at Belhurst Castle in the Finger Lakes. It was terrific.We drank wine, and got a massage, and hung out in a hot tub, and generally just relaxed and did nothing for three days. We also went to the outlet mall and dropped some serious money, the kind that makes your stomach hurt for a minute, except we didn't buy anything unless it was 60% off retail price or more, so I guess that helps.

Our second night we stayed in the castle's vineyard property, White Springs Manor, which is pretty cool too. The only thing is, I'm a giant sissy and it's a huge old building with hardly any people in it (you check in at their main property two miles away, so you could conceivably be the only people in the building, including staff). There were (we think) two other couples staying when we were, but we only know that because there were two cars in the lot and we saw someone close the drapes in one of the rooms. Because the building is so old, it doesn't have those hotel flip-lock thingies you use to make sure no one can get in. That means, right before we fell asleep, my brain was all, "You know, anyone could make a copy of that key and get in here. Anyone." So I woke up, like, six times during the night to make sure no one had broken into our room and murdered us. Also, whatever asshole had the room before us set the room's alarm clock for 6 a.m. That was not my favorite.

Because of my extreme vigilance, I'm tired now, so I'm going to take a nap. Win!


  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who is convinced people want to murder me in my sleep! (wait, that came out wrong)
    I travel with a rubber door-stopper. Most doors swing in, so the stopper with a bell glued to the end will not only slow down (and surprise) intruders, but alert you too!
    Excessive? Yes. But I am not murdered yet.

  2. Oh my god. That is such a good idea. I honestly considered balancing a bottle on the door handle, but my husband already was teasing me good-naturedly about it so I didn't. But the door stopper - I will be using this.

    You have perhaps saved my life. Probably not, but still.