Friday, April 1, 2011

A review

So we are officially into the second quarter of the year, and I have not completed a single one of my resolutions. Some of them are in process - I hear that Andy will be doing significant work on the bathroom this weekend, for instance - and some are sort of stalled, for various reasons.

Here's a brief recap of where things stand:
House and home
1. Redo upstairs bathroom. Partially complete, and will be complete(ish) within two weeks. The Kid and Brian are staying with us when they're home for a baby shower, and we are pretty sure that plaster dust is bad for pregnant ladies to breathe.
2. Finally attach headboard to bedframe AND 3. Get new nightstands. Partially complete. We got a whole new bed frame and two matching nightstands, but we're waiting for it to warm up so we can refinish them in the garage. Andy insists that if one stains wood in the freezing cold, it will not cure right. Or something.
4. Repaint the crappy job we did with cut-in in the living room. Nope! Haven't even thought about doing this. This is kind of more of a resolution for Andy, anyway, as even on a stepstool I'm too short to reach the part of the wall that needs redoing.
5. Get our kitchen knives professionally sharpened. Nope.
6. Host a fancy dinner party. We have had parents over for dinner and friends over for dinner, but never in a fancy sort of way. Not crossing it out yet.
7. Take at least two weekend trips with Andy. I'm in New York right now (yay!) but things didn't work out for Andy to come with me this time. On the upside, we did find out that he gets two full weeks of vacation this year, so we're working on planning some awesome stuff.
8. Visit friends in NYC and Boston at least once each. Partially DOING THIS ONE RIGHT NOW!
9. Go camping and enjoy it. It has not stayed above freezing for more than four days at a time yet, so I'm saying this is more of a late-second-quarter/early-third-quarter goal.
10. Relearn to drive standard. I had one lesson, did passable in parking lots but didn't venture onto any real roads, and then we sold the truck I was learning on. I would officially consider this one stalled.
11. See a dermatologist and learn how to better care for my specific skin.  Nope.
12. Investigate laser hair removal. Nope.
13. Complete Couch to 5K Nope. I've thought about starting to run, but I totally hate hate hate running in the rain, so I'm waiting till it's a bit nicer out.
14. With Andy's help, nail down the design of my next tattoo, then get said tattoo. Partial. I think I have most of the major elements decided, but now I need to figure out the detail stuff and get the artist to draw it up!

I'm officially considering this my kick in the butt to get some of this shit crossed out already.

How are you doing with your resolutions? Any goody-two-shoes out there cross out a whole list already? Do you even remember what you resolved to do?

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  1. I made one resolution, which was to not eat so quickly. But I haven't been too successful. I still eat way faster than my husband.