Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three true things about today

1. I went in to work early so I could get out early and go for a run, then totally forgot I went in early. Who does that?

2. I got my home-try-on glasses today. Texted Andy to tell him so, and he texted back: "Send me pictures of you wearing them. We'll call it specs-ting." Pretty sure I married him in anticipation of that moment.

3. My little teeny orchid is putting out a new leaf. It might be the first time an orchid I've owned has done that. So far it's not dead, you guys! Progress!*

*Note: I have pretty much always been a plant-murderer. Not, like, with chemicals or anything, but through neglect. Now I have a routine and both of my orchids get ice cubes on Thursdays and if they need it my other two houseplants get watered then too. All of my outdoor plants can fend for their own damn selves, because they're not all pussified like my orchids and peace lily and palm-thing. Right?**

**None of this makes sense. I should be running but I don't have time for a run because I forgot I went to work early and I have a follow-up eye appointment in twenty minutes and I won't feel like going for a run afterwards because I'm super lazy. Ugh.

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