Thursday, April 28, 2011

Internet time-sucks

A selection of various websites for you to get lost in for several hours:

Sweet Tooth. This has been sitting open in my browser for three days so I can drool at it whenever I want.

Reasoning With Vampires. Dissecting passages from the Twilight series and explaining what makes them such poor writing. Intelligently.

Zenni Optical. Their virtual try-on feature is really easy to use, and you were feeling narcissistic anyway. The most expensive pair of glasses they sell is $46. What?!

Pinterest. Have you joined yet? If not, maybe wait until you have several hours to sit and stare at lovely images in a gloriously mindless state. (I'm a member but am not sharing my id because it's linked to other shit in my real life and I'm a paranoid weirdo, but it's mostly pictures of knitted housewares, fancy-pants recipes photographed well, and home-type shit I can't afford.)

Books to challenge preconceived notions, via Metafilter. I'm pretty sure I haven't shared this yet (and am too lazy to check, sorry). So many good books to add to my list!

Now you share yours!


  1. I can browse pinterest all day long! So much inspiration! My other favorite thing to do is to go to and look at all the collections from the past years! xoxoxoo

  2. Oh wow - that site is amazing! Goodbye, several hours!