Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On massage

I just got back from a deep-tissue massage. If you're keeping track, that makes two massages in three months. I assure you that this is not a typical situation around here, but I wouldn't mind if it were to become so.

Andy got me this massage as an anniversary present, and he got it for a reasonable price with a groupon. So I guess that justifies it a little, right?

Three things about massage:

1. Today's massage was actually at a chiropractor's office, and was more "clinical" than "Zen." This might be why it was my first ever massage in a fully-lit room. That was a little weird at times. I mostly avoided eye contact when I was face-up.

2. I can't be the only person to do this, but it always seems a little silly: Whenever I'm in a room where I have to get undressed and my clothes are in plain view, I always tuck my undies (or, in today's case, my bra) into or under other clothes. I don't know who I'm hiding them from - the woman who's rubbing my mostly naked body? A doctor who will actually be seeing the parts those items are designed to cover? - but I do it every time.

3. I think I want massages to be a more regular part of my life. I was thinking about it, and I can't tell you the last time I got a manicure. I can tell you the last time I got a pedicure, because it's only happened once (last May). I don't spend a lot on self-maintenance besides buying slightly more expensive soap or toothpaste once in a while. I think I'm going to start packing my lunch more (which is a good idea anyway, as all the places by my company's new location are burger joints) and saving my discretionary funds for, let's say, a massage every other month. I just checked, and there's a school of therapeutic massage in the city that has student clinics for $35 an hour! I can totally make it happen. And if the $35/hour massages aren't great, I can save a little more and upgrade!

What do you think about massage? Do you love them, or are you like the Kid, who thinks it's weird to pay people to touch her when she actively discourages that the rest of the time?


  1. I like the idea of getting a professional massage without actually being touched by a stranger. As you can imagine, this complicates things for me.

    I've never had a real massage.

  2. #2 yes. I did this last week and noticed it myself!

  3. It's weird to pay people to touch you? Oops!

    I need your address so I can send you your prize. I wish I could send you Bradley Cooper. Actually, I'd hoard him. If you send me your contact info. to,I'll get Zoolander to you ASAP. And then we can quote lines from it together!

  4. Emily, we need to look further into harnessing the power of the mind so massages can happen without strangers being part of it.

    Jenny 1: I knew it! I wish I knew why this is a thing.

    Jenny 2: Address sent! Blue Steel coming my way soon!

  5. I just saw your blog and had to comment here as I just had my second massage ever. I did the same thing as you and hid my bra. I would be willing to give up a meal each day to afford them. It's done wonders for my shoulder, which is the original reason I went in.