Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby names

More baby name ridiculousness from my fair city! As always, I swear to you that I typed all of these exactly as they appear in the paper.

First names:
-Giavana (What, Giovanna was too complicated?)
-Jaxon (This is a name the kid will have to spell every day of his life.)

First-middle combos:
-G'Nyiah Lee Da'vhinne (Good money says they pronounce that last part "divine.")
-Krystafer Jewellz (WHAT)
-Xena Rayn
-Lilly Love U (NOT KIDDING)
-Destinee Sincerity
-Q'Zay Aresineo (This kid is actually a junior. Wow.)
-Mya Doris (We're hip! Her middle name is Doris!)
-Jamarria Trinytti

"Aiden" and variations: Brayden, Aidan, Caiden, Hayden, Aiden, Aiden (two of them in a row!), Zayden, Kayden, Caydan.

Sometimes I text these names to my sister, which means my phone stores them in its memory. Nothing is more surprising than mistyping a word and having my phone suggest "Dezyre" as a good option.

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