Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We're on our way home from visiting the Kid and Brian and the new baby, whom I've mostly been calling Rachael Junior. She's so awesome, you guys!

I know that this is the typical reaction to a baby you love, but this baby is the smartest, cleverest, prettiest, most wonderful baby in the entire world. Even her poop is cute. We hung out with her in the mornings after she ate around 8 so the Kid could sleep in, and she was so alert and cheerful. She makes a million delightful bizarre noises.

She eats like a pro, too. She makes those hilarious little piggy grunting noises while she's eating, then eats so fast she has to pause to breathe for a minute. As Brian put it, "My kid is so fat she gets winded from eating."

Four days are nowhere near enough to get in all the squeezing and smushing and smooching that will need to tide us over till the next time we see her, which will probably be early fall. This is when it sucks the most that the Kid lives six hours away.

Andy's curled up with the baby on the couch right now, and just told her "Auntie Rachael's blogging about you, baby." She wrinkled her nose and grunted at him. I'm going to go kiss her fat cheeks for a while.

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