Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's happening right now chez moi

Andy and I just made a huge, awesome salad, mostly out of CSA stuff, for dinner. It was lovely. We topped it with tuna and hard-boiled eggs, so it was filling and full of protein and made us feel delightfully virtuous.

Our CSA share today came with six gherkin cucumbers and a bunch of beets. I'm looking up recipes for refrigerator pickles (I am not ready to invest the time in actual canning of pickles) and for interesting things to do with beets, as I'll have the whole bunch to myself. Wonder if Andy will try beet greens. I hope so, because that recipe looks great.

We're spending the evening watching Public Enemies, chilling with the dogs and drinking Pimm's Cup, and I'm going to shell our CSA peas when I'm done writing this.

Tomorrow evening we're going to a goodbye party for some very good friends (part of the group we camped with, in fact), who are leaving for a two-month-long travel across the country next week. I'm going to think about what small token we can bring to their party that will be thoughtful without getting in the way or being overly sappy. Any thoughts?


  1. Travel journal or a book that gives them instructions such as The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel or a how-to on travel writing such as Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals by Dave Fox. Thoughtful, but they get to make it as sappy as they want and you get credit for it! Or make them a scavenger hunt (small items or photos!)

  2. Along the same lines as the other Jenny (I can't believe there are two of us), why not a book about the best places to eat in the US? Or Madlibs might be cute. Or a French CD so they can learn another language.

  3. I really like the idea of a travel journal, as the friends are both quite artistic and they would no doubt produce a travel journal that people actually want to read! Thanks for the ideas!