Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Saturday!

Today Andy and I are attending a wedding. It's sort of a weird situation, as we don't know the couple very well. I knew the bride as a good friend of one of my best friends, but the two of us never hung out without the other friend present. Andy hung out with the groom at my best friend's wedding, because the girl getting married today and I were both bridesmaids, but I am 98% sure Andy and the groom haven't spoken since. BUT: my best friend and her dude are in from out of town, and I think we were invited as their pity-date. The bride knows our friend hasn't kept in touch with most people from school, and knew she'd be more likely to attend if there was someone she wanted to hang out with at the reception. In fact, we both consulted the other before sending in our RSVP cards, so I guess it was a clever move by the bride.

The happy couple are, shall we say, country folk. The bride's first job was mucking stables, and I'm pretty sure she has a college degree in something called Equestrian Management. The ceremony and reception are at a "party house" of questionable classiness not too far from the city's most well-known prostitution area. It's going to be so awesome.

We got them the tupperware set they were registered for. If we're going to a wedding and the couple is registered for tupperware, I will ALWAYS get it for them, because then I think it's hilarious to write in the card, "Hope this helps you keep things FRESH!" with a winking face or something else ridiculous, and then I hope they're opening the presents in front of, like, great-aunts with dirty minds who think I'm giving them marital aids of some sort. It's the small things that bring me joy, really.

So. I am paying $24 (for the tupperware, which I used a coupon for) to spend six hours hanging out eating and drinking on someone else's dime with a friend I haven't seen since my last trip to New York. I can think of several worse ways to spend a Saturday. For example, camping springs readily to mind.

What's the most bizarre wedding situation you've been involved in? Do you have a go-to wedding gift?

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  1. I love this idea to make others make themselves uncomfortable through ambiguous innuendo! Top notch!