Thursday, June 9, 2011


Y'all, I had an awesome day! Work was decent - there is lots of hullabaloo because the company is relocating in a few weeks, so I have a built-in excuse to do slightly less work - and I got out on time.

After work, I made two quiches (one for us, one to share) with the spinach and asparagus from our CSA share, and invented a lovely ice-cream sauce with CSA rhubarb and wild blueberries our neighbor gave us. It was my first attempt at cooking with rhubarb, and it came out SO DELICIOUS. For some reason, the chunks of rhubarb all sort of shredded themselves and disappeared into the sauce. Anyone out there know rhubarb? Is that normal, or does it mean I cooked it too long?

We took the ice cream, sauce, and the bigger quiche over for dinner with our friends with the new-ish baby, and had a great time hanging out. The only mishap was when we were on our way out the door - their three-year-old ran in to give Andy a serious hug, and managed to smash him right in the nuts. So Andy is recuperating on the couch (don't worry, he didn't let the kid know he was hurt, because the kid was seriously trying to be sweet) and I'm doing a half-assed job of maintaining this blog.

We're having friends to our house for dinner tomorrow, so I'm going to go put away that laundry and then head to bed a little early!

What's up with y'all? Anyone know about rhubarb? You want the recipe?


  1. Rhubarb is the best. You are a champion: two quiches and homemade ice cream sauce. My husband is not allowed to read your blog.

  2. Here is my secret to success: Find a recipe for deep-dish quiche, then split it between two regular-depth pie plates. Ta-da! Two quiches! It sounds so much more impressive than one quiche.