Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nonsense words from around my house

A list of words that are meaningless (or have different meanings) outside the walls of my house, but signify something (or something else) within:

Oocher (noun) Sternum. Comes from the time I was stretching grandly and my sternum popped, loudly and painfully, causing me to yell, "Ooch!" I still crack mine, probably more than is usual. Definitely more than is usual, as I've never seen anyone else pop theirs.

Skrelch (verb) This horrible noise I make when Andy tries to do something like tickle me, or put his finger in my armpit, or something (I'm not the only one well versed in making things awkward, okay?). Also often referred to as "the dinosaur noise." It's a little bit similar to the Wilhelm Scream, but throatier.

Candy (noun) Boobs. No idea why. Started sometime in my sophomore or junior year of college, as I remember using it in that building. Used in such sentences as "This shirt makes my candy look awesome."

That white-trash pasta salad (noun) A very specific pasta salad consisting of elbow noodles, frozen peas, crumbled bacon, mayo, and salt and pepper. So good. It is an indicator of summer for me.

Chikeet (noun) Phone charger. Refers to the sound made by my last phone when it was plugged in - a cheerful little chiKEET! My new phone - new, as in I've had it since November - doesn't make this noise, but it's still often called a chikeet around these parts.

What made up or weird words do you use?


  1. I have never heard of popping one's sternum. In fact, the thought of it makes me want to skrelch.

  2. We have the word "oocher" in our family, but it generally refers to the person engaged in the kind of awkward butt-scoot because the person is too lazy to actually get up. Often combined with "scoocher" to make "oocher scoocher."

  3. Yeah, I should probably look into quitting the popping. And I'm glad other people say oocher!