Monday, April 25, 2011

Learnings from a Monday

1. I will use any excuse to get out of running. Today, it's raining, so I'm staying inside and watching a documentary about the gang MS13 on Netflix while Andy's at the gym.

2. Pankcakes will pull anything food- or cardboard-related off the kitchen table and destroy it. So far, she has murtalized two packages of cookies (Sorry, Kid! I forgot to buy you replacements!), a box of tissues, two packets of mints, and a box containing contact solution. However, she has left the newspaper left on the living room floor completely unscathed. Andy and I are in the habit of putting all food-related items where they belong, but this cardboard thing has me thinking she might need to be crated while we're gone.

3. My coworkers will take anything as long as it's free. I brought in some surplus Easter candy and figured I'd end up tossing it at the end of the day, but it was all gone within two hours. Even the Ziploc baggie full of jelly beans. And the one full of pretzel and peanut m&ms mixed together. Would you take unlabeled candy without wrappers sitting on a counter? Don't these people have any pride??

4. I finally used my Old Navy gift card and bought some cute summer dresses over the weekend. Turns out cotton sundress plus sweater tights equals a dress that rides up my thighs all day. Oops.

5. I guess it's okay to stay in from the rain if it's cold enough for sweater tights, right?

6. Rooster and Pancakes are starting to finally look to each other as playmates instead of trying to get me and Andy to play all the time. This is why we got Pancakes in the first place, so our diabolical scheme is working! Hooray!

7. MS13 is the most dangerous gang. Netflix and National Geographic agree.

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  1. ...And just to punish me for bragging about putting food-related stuff away, right after I posted this I ran to the store to exchange the baguette I had gotten to go with dinner and which was apparently right next door to a fire, because it tasted like smoky shit despite looking fine, and left a package of grapes on the table. Needless to say, they were on the floor when I got home. Half of them were gone.

    This is a poorly worded comment outing myself as a liar.