Saturday, July 16, 2011


Dudes. I spent the first several hours of the day at our awesome public market, drinking iced chai and standing in front of any fan I could find - it's 90° today and sunny. But it was totally worth it, because I got an empanada and iced chai and all of the following:
  • Three cucumbers for $1 (some are already on their way to becoming pickles, and some are going in a glass of Pimm's as soon as it hits 5:00)
  • A HUGE bunch of garlic scapes - like 15 of them - for 50¢
  • Three lemons and two limes for $1 (the limes are for margaritas, the lemons for Pimm's)
  • Six peaches for $1
  • Four ears of corn for $1.25
A friend is coming over in a few and we're going to make a double batch of chai concentrate and paint our toenails and maybe knit. Then when her boyfriend and Andy get back from a motorcycle ride, we're all having a lovely outdoor dinner in the shade, followed by a bonfire and some marshmallows. 

It's days like this that I really, really love my life.

What's your ideal summer day?


  1. Just had Pimms for the first time on Friday night. Yum!

  2. A friend who runs a vegan bakery in NYC just posted a picture of Pimm's cupcakes on her Facebook page. I am intrigued, but don't think I want to spend $20 on a bottle of booze I'll be baking with.