Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anniversary weekend!

My wedding anniversary is Tuesday. Andy and I will have been married for three years. But Tuesday is a shitty day for a celebration, because of working the next day and being old and going to bed early, so we are celebrating this weekend!

We started last night with an awesome sort-of-fancy dinner. It was at a restaurant that's just over half an hour away, that we went to a few years ago. I remembered it being fancier, and felt a little overdressed in my fancy dress and shiny silver shoes, sitting next to a lady in a pastel sweatshirt and denim capris. But the food was excellent and the wine was great and the dessert was overly generous, so we left happy.

Then, since we were on that side of town anyway, we went to the little town I went to high school in and saw Transformers 3: Whatever It's Subtitled at the awesome little theater there. The movie was exactly what you'd expect from a third movie in a series based on a tv show based on action figures. The model they got to be the lead girl wasn't any worse than Megan Fox (which, really, would have taken some doing) and her big ol' lips make me think that kissing her must be sort of like making out with a warm Clementine.

We got home late and I slept in nice and late this morning, and we've spent most of the day stripping our new-to-us bedroom furniture. The bedframe and nightstands are being stripped with this delightful shit called CitriStrip, which I absolutely love. It's a thick orangish gel that smells like fruit that you paint on, then wait a while, then scrape off. Once that's all done, we're finishing them with an awesome gray shade called Sunbleached. I can't wait to see it all done.

I'm going to go eat some of my refrigerator pickles (WHICH ARE SO GOOD) while I wait for the stripper stuff to set on our next batch. I hope you all are having such an awesome weekend too!


  1. "We got home late and I slept in nice and late this morning, and we've spent most of the day stripping..."

    This is where I stopped reading.

  2. I wish it were as sexy as that lead-in implied. Instead, we worked in the ninety-degree garage wearing bright purple rubber gloves while listening to Elton John. In my book, that's about as un-sexy as it gets.