Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday can suck on it.

Ways in which today is trying its best to bring me down:
  1. I am wearing brand-new underwear, and I got my fucking period a week early.
  2. I asked the woman in charge of training people at work a question about a weird thing I was working on, and got a ten-minute lecture about how I needed more information instead of an answer. (I knew that. It's why I was asking her how to handle it.)
  3. I had one of those ring-once-then-hang-up-because-it-was-a-wrong-number calls at work, but it was from the VP of HR, so I panicked quietly for a while. (Also, Company I Work For, it's not necessary to have someone with the title "VP of HR" when the whole HR department is two people.)
  4. Pancakes decided that what our backyard really needed was a water feature, so she very helpfully started excavating a pit for it.
  5. She also excavated the hell out of the garbage can in our bedroom. Hello, chewed-up tissues spread around the upstairs.
  6. It stayed cold and drizzly and sticky out, instead of being sunny and warm-ish as promised.
  7. I took the dogs for a walk even though it was kind of gross out, and discovered that a chipmunk has dug out a nest under the lavender in my front garden. Asshole.
  8. The Kid and Brian are coming on Friday and staying with us for two weeks (yay!) but I have a million things left to do, and all I want to do is to go to bed early.
So to cheer myself up, I've decided that I'm going to finish cleaning up all the clothes I've spread over the guest room (which also functions as my dressing room) since the Kid and Brian vacated it in December, and then I'll call it a night!

How do you handle feeling overwhelmed and tired? Any sneaky trips?

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  1. I don't know how sneaky bourbon is, but it's certainly effective.