Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not proud of it, but

Here are the excuses I came up with to put off starting running today:

  • Can't find headphones 
  • Headphones I could find were huge and uncomfortable; also didn't fit well around the mohawk
  • There were three dogs who would want to go, but I could only really take two and would have preferred to take one
  • It's 38° outside
  • I don't own any pants for running. I have running shorts and flannel pants that are too long, but I'd have to make do with some capris or something
  • I had just enough time to DO ANYTHING ELSE
  • Andy's computer (the one that has iTunes on it) died when I was making a playlist
  • I didn't want to have to shower before heading to my friend's house
Obviously, I didn't go. I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon, but if it's still light out, I'll go then. Unless I can come up with eight brand-new excuses. And the headphones don't count, because Andy brought me a pair just for running today.

Any excuse suggestions for tomorrow?


  1. I always use the same one, in addition to my bad knees: that running is not evolutionarily sound. A human was not meant to run recreationally; we should only run from threats like saber-tooth tigers. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  2. Running is bullshit, for sure. But the human body also wasn't build for extensive sitting, and eating ice cream, and stuff, so I'll take occasional short bursts of running, as if from a sabre-tooth-tiger, to ward off the side effects of not running at all.

    I'm really good at excuses though.