Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Diagnosis confirmed. Again.


Since I was working from home anyway, I moved up my WIC appointment (that I was so happy to have been able to push back a month) because the pediatricians want us to try a hypoallergenic formula to see if it helps with the baby's spitting up and apparent reflux. So I got to sit in the WIC office with an itchy, fussy baby for an hour. That was cool.

I called and left a message yesterday for the baby's pediatrician to see what power they have to override the dermatologist. The pediatrician and worker agree that the baby is showing the exact same symptoms, etc., and that the dermatologist was probably wrong.

They called back this afternoon and asked me to bring the baby in to see how things were progressing, and to confirm that I was now showing symptoms. The worker met me there (again, because she is seriously busting her ass on this case - I already called her supervisor to praise her). The doctors saw whatever it was that they needed to in order to confirm it. They also called in their head doctor to consult, and she's putting it in writing that visits must be stopped until further notice. This is both a huge relief and another reason for me to worry, because the grandma is not going to take this well and will likely feel like we're trying to keep the baby from her.

Ugh. I've been going nonstop since the baby woke up (early and fussy), and I have nine million more things to do to disinfect the house again. But I'm beat and I haven't used the treatment cream yet, so vacuuming the couches wouldn't be useful if I was planning to sit on them again tonight, so I made brownies (stress baking for the win!) and am having a Pimm's Cup and am catching up with my Google Reader.


  1. You are doing an awesome job taking care of the little baby. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Liz! We want to do our best by her, and it's frustrating when they get in our way.

  3. I've just been catching up on your posts. You are a hero.

  4. I can't believe this. I feel so bad u all have to deal with this crap.

  5. Yeah, it's been a headache. It struck me this weekend that we don't have to deal with this shit for a while, though, so that's nice. (And seriously, we're no heroes. Well, maybe Andy is. I just like kids and shit.)