Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not baby-related, but very awkward.

Know what's a really uncomfortable three minutes? The three minutes between when you remove all of your clothes, don a paper tablecloth, and sit and wait for your new gynecologist to enter the room. Especially if the exam room doesn't have magazines.

My usual gynecologist's office is closing, so I decided to find a practice closer to my house for my yearly checkup. The place I settled on was highly rated on the internets, and it's literally on my way to work (the old office is 40 minutes away). My new doctor is a very nice Indian man who told me my cervix looked great. I'm considering putting that on my business cards, but I don't really want people asking to see it to confirm it on their own. Andy suggested getting an x-ray of it and using that as the back of the business card, which I think is a really workable idea.

The doctor also told me not to worry about inaccurate results, because he does a pap smear like he really means it. So that's ... reassuring. I guess.

Hey, look! I'm making it awkward!


  1. I guess my chiropractor telling me I have good birthin' hips at age 19 wasn't as awkward as it could have been!

  2. Dang, girl. That's fantastic.