Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A brief baby update

The mom didn't show for her visit today.

The worker talked to her yesterday, reminded her what she needed to bring, and they ended the conversation with, "See you tomorrow." She knew about the visit and what time it was and everything. She just didn't show. And the worker says her phone is off (but she is following someone new on Facebook since this morning, so hmmmm) so she didn't call to cancel or anything. The baby got to sit and hang out with the worker for an hour.

The worker also said that the grandma told her that the mom says she doesn't want the grandma to get custody anymore, because she (the mom) wants to get the baby back herself. She told the grandma that last week, then didn't show for a visit today. Huh. (And yeah, the first sentence of this paragraph is really convoluted. The case is like that.)

The mom could absolutely tell the court that she doesn't want the grandma to get custody, but I actually think that would be worse for my anxiety because she could change her mind at any point and start the whole process with the grandma over again.

So, you know, nothing changes and I manage to worry about everything all the time.


  1. yuck. you have an awesome case just like i had with lizzy. good luck with that ;)

  2. I'm hoping for an outcome like Lizzy's (i.e., adoption) without all the crazy build-up. And the text messages asking when they can see her and stuff.