Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lovely little evening

I'm still working on perfecting this year's list of goals, which should be up tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm making this soup for dinner, using this awesome immersion blender I got for Christmas, waiting for Andy to get home so we can enjoy the hell out of it. To be honest, I saw "carrot soup" and went, "Meh," but then she said she was inspired by that awesome carrot-ginger dressing you get a Japanese restaurants, and I was back in. But hey, it's not like Smitten Kitchen ever steers me wrong, so I shouldn't have been a hater. Fact: just so you know I'm totally faking it when I act like I have it all together, I knew I had ginger in the fridge so I didn't buy any for the soup. Turns out the ginger left in the fridge was just about petrified it was so old. I couldn't even grate it. Basically, I tried to grate it, then just threw the whole chunk in the soup and decided our soup will be fragranced with ginger instead of full of it. Oh, and the onions I used both had green sprouts on the top, so I chopped the weird parts off and used them anyway. Nice.

I just discovered that Hulu has all of the current season of Parks and Recreation, so I think Andy and I will be hooking his laptop up to the tv and spending the evening on the couch with some dogs and some knitting. I'm still trying to finish my mom's sweater - but I've decided when I'm done I'm going to knit myself a badass hat and scarf set to go with my new winter coat, so I'm feeling more motivated!

How are you spending your first week of the new year?


  1. you sound like me when i cook...i have what i need...as long as I cut of the yucky part :)

  2. I love Smitten Kitchen. We had soup tonight too -- a stuffed pepper soup recipe I found on Pinterest. It was very good, and the perfect thing for a cold winter day! I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try the carrot soup yet. But maybe one day, when I decide to live a little. ;)

  3. I've gotten really good at pretending I have everything I need, as long as I can cut out the yucky parts! And Emily, the soup was really good - it does taste just like that dressing from Japanese restaurants, but warm. Maybe halve the recipe, because it made a lot!