Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby names

Fact: "awkward baby names" is the most common search that brings people to this blog (I just tried it, and somehow I'm the first three links). I'm guessing they mean names like "Drew Peacock" or "Ima Hogg" or whatever instead of just the dumb stuff people in my city name their kids, but hey, it's my blog. So, here's a fresh batch:

- O'neil as a first name
- Si'ryii (pronounced Siri, at a guess. Maybe they're Apple fans)
- Dino as a first name
- J'dyn
- Merve
- J'Anna
- Madisyn
- Madelynne (why?? She will never not have to spell this out for people.)
- Quanta'z
- Ahlaea (again with the spelling)

Andy and I officially laid claim to a family name when we were visiting cousins last week. Turns out most of my cousins thought we were weird for considering it. The name is my grandma's maiden name, and we're thinking of some way to combine it with Andy's grandma's maiden name. I'll let you know if and when we do anything with that.


  1. I was in a Foster training with a woman who had a placement named Natas- yep, Satan spelled backward. Awkward is when his Sunday school teacher figures it out :)

  2. Oh my god. Do people not really spend any time considering these things before bestowing names?? Horrifying!