Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today is Saturday.

Court was on Thursday. I didn't attend, but the baby's worker relayed that the judge ordered that the baby remain in care for now, that no one mentioned the grandma being likely to end up with the baby (she has apparently changed her mind and now wants her, but they still have to investigate fully), that the dad (who is listed on our paperwork as "putative father") showed up and requested visits, and that the next court date is on or around February 16.

The baby had another doctor's appointment on Friday (yesterday) to check her weight and follow up on Wednesday's dermatologist appointment. She gained an ounce, which is good, especially because she hadn't gained anything between last Friday's visit and Wednesday's. I also told the doctor (who I like very much) about how awful things were at the dermatologist, and she cracked up and told me that she and the baby's worker had laughed good-naturedly about how they gave us a baby younger than we were hoping for, then she has all sorts of complications with her health and a million appointments, and the doctor said the baby's worker (jokingly!) said she was going to put off our payment paperwork for a few months, just to haze us even more. So I like that the professionals we're working with have a sense of humor about what we're dealing with.

Mom was, again, invited to the baby's doctor's appointment yesterday, and was reminded several times about times and dates, and didn't show up and didn't call. She has seen the baby once since we got her, and the dad hasn't seen her at all. I was actually super-pissed for the first time Wednesday night about how little interest the mom has shown in trying to be involved with her kid. The dermatologist told us she thinks the rashy stuff the baby has is actually a rare genetic skin condition that can also sometimes affect the teeth, hair, nails, and, very rarely, cognitive development. As far as I know, the mom doesn't know this yet, because her phone is turned off and she didn't show up for any appointments. This beautiful, sweet little girl is growing and developing (she's now making all sorts of awesome cooing noises, and has started smiling enthusiastically at us!) and her mom is missing out on it.

We're hoping that if the grandma does get custody, we'll get to meet her before we have to hand the baby over. As it stands, we are thinking we'll have the baby at least until the next court date, but of course bizarre things have happened. We're treating it as if we know she'll go to the grandma, and so every day we have with her is a bonus day in which we get to love and snuggle her.

I've been working from home for the last two weeks, and I'm going back to the office on Monday. The baby will start at a daycare near our house. It will be interesting trying to live a normal professional life again, since I haven't really had to think much about doing things by certain times very much in the last two weeks. Wish me luck!

How y'all living this week?


  1. That is interesting about her skin...

  2. Yup. I have been obsessively reading about the condition they think it is, and it is rare - at most, it affects 1 in 40,000 people.