Friday, February 10, 2012


The baby had a visit with her mom today, and the mom showed up, which is good. However, she sent a message through the transportation company that she wants us to send the baby with a heavier blanket and a hat. I hadn't expected for this to bother me, but I'm sort of pissed about this:
A. The child was dressed appropriately for the weather. As she always is.
B. Over her weather-appropriate clothes, she was wearing this snowsuit. Which is big on her and puffy and like wearing a comforter, and which has a hood.
C. I don't totally trust the parents to take care of what we send. Her pacifier on its clip thing went missing after the last visit, which is annoying, because she spits her pacifier out all the time and we had to go buy another clip to keep it from ending up on the floor somewhere.
D. (And this is the real issue here) This child came to us without even so much as the clothes on her back. I am not kidding. The worker who dropped her off said that mom had requested that we return her carseat (which was probably outdated anyway) and that she'd want the outfit the baby was wearing, so put it aside after we changed her. I told the worker that I would almost certainly not remember which one was the mom's, so right that minute I changed her into a sleeper we had and handed the carseat and outfit back to the worker for the mom to pick up at the worker's office. So we have provided literally everything this child has, and my gut says if the mom wants us to send something different, she can go ahead and send a heavier blanket and a fucking hat. (We have several hats for her. I just didn't send one today). She hasn't provided a single thing since the baby arrived, so she can feel free to take care of this. Hmph.

I guess I resent reminders that we're not in charge of any of this. Obviously, I'll send a heavier blanket and a hat to her visit on Tuesday, even though I think it's ridiculous.

Would it be wrong for me to send her in a baby-sized Viking helmet and see what the mom says?


  1. OooooH! This irks me everytime. I get so defensive. The one that bothered me the most was, "You have to use Vaseline on his face or he'll get windrash"- really? for all the times we have him out in the wind? And I just want to say, if you have so much parenting insight then why am I sending your child to a supervised visit to see you?! But obviously I don't, I just put the Vaseline in the diaper bag.

    Please send her in a viking helmet!!!

  2. Lol, people like that are very annoying

  3. I didn't send her in a viking helmet. I suppose it's a good thing that I don't actually have access to a newborn-size viking helmet, or I would have really considered it. And yes, Teresa, there was a definite layer of, "Oh, now you know how to care for the child? After having her removed for neglect and seeing her six times in four weeks?" in my defensiveness.