Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Any votes on how I respond to this one?

We got another note from the baby's mom today!

Naturally, it's critical.

I keep reminding myself that maybe she's saying nice things to the worker, or something, and those messages aren't making it to us, and that she's doing what she can to take an interest. It's okay.

The note, in summary, says that the mom noticed that the baby has diaper rash and was wondering what was up, and also that the baby is getting a bald patch. She's not upset, just concerned.

OH REALLY? Glad you're not upset. Really relieved there.

The mom has another kid and, according to Facebook, friends with kids, so I'm amazed that she's surprised at a bald spot. If you put a baby on her back to sleep, she will end up with a bald spot. That's just what happens. Like, this is Babies 101 shit. And the diaper rash started after her visit with her dad last week, when he gave her a full bottle even though she had just eaten at daycare. Oh, and because she had just eaten, we didn't send a bottle with formula, so he must have given her whatever generic formula they have on hand at the visitation center, and her little system was messed up for DAYS. So, yeah, no diaper rash on our account, but thanks.

Here's my sister's suggested reply:

Dear baby's mom, she's a baby. I have enclosed a copy of What To Expect The First Year and also the movie Babies, for you to educate yourself. Please don't feed her weird shit, or her butt hurts, and the bald spot is totally normal and way smaller than it would be if she were with you. Sincerely, Second Mom.

What should I write back?


  1. I usually reply to comments like that with, "Yea, I noticed that too. If it gets worse, I'll call the Dr. If you would like to call the Dr, the number is 555..." I've never heard that any of our parents have actually called, but even if they did I'm sure the clinic could handle it.

  2. I would write back exactly how u explained it here. I tend to just be frank about dumb questions.

  3. I love, love, love that foster moms read this thing and suggest awesome stuff. I went with something like: "The bald spot is totally normal for babies who sleep on their backs, it's from where her head rubs on the mattress when she looks around. We noticed the diaper rash and have been using cream on it, and we'll call the doctor if it gets any worse. You can call the doctor too if you like, the number is xxx..."

    Like you said, Teresa, I'm sure she won't call, but at least she'll see we're not hiding anything about it.

    And MamaFoster, I don't know if I could write the truth without blatantly implying the dad was an idiot, but I'll try to work on that!

  4. "If you want to micromanage, learn to be a parent...and here's the number to Planned Parenthood where they provide birth control."