Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I talked to the worker today

And she said it looks really likely they'll release the baby from foster care to her maternal grandmother after court next Friday. The worker said she doesn't know of anything they have against the grandmother that would prevent the baby from going to her.

I asked about the dad, and the worker said he seems to talk a big game but hasn't really followed through with what he needs to do to pursue custody. We know the grandmother has custody of the brother, and so far she is the only person who has worked at all to get this baby, so we'd actually prefer the baby go to her than to the dad at this point.

Obviously, nothing about this is set in stone, but it will be easier for us if we prepare ourselves for this and be ready. I'll pack up her clothes and stuff on Thursday, so if it happens on Friday it can be more smooth. Then, if something changes and we get to keep her longer, it's bonus time.

As of this Saturday, we'll have had this child for exactly half of her life. It has changed our lives so completely that I don't know how we'll go back to not being parents. We have an overnight trip out of town at the end of the month, so that might be a nice distraction.

Back in May when I first mentioned becoming a foster parent, I said I wouldn't turn this blog into a family-friendly lovefest, and I feel like I have succeeded in continuing to swear a lot, but my focus has shifted to being ALL ABOUT THE BABY. So, you know, if she goes home soon, prepare yourself for more stupid lists about me and shit my weird coworkers say.

I don't have a feedback question, but go ahead and leave me a comment. I read all of them and they make me happy.


  1. I've really enjoyed reading about your experience and have found it informative in the ways I wanted it to be, and appreciate how candid you are.
    This may be way cynical and rude, but grandma did a bang-up job with this one - has anyone vouched for her parenting skills to her grandkids? Pardon my judgyness.

  2. Jenny, that cracked me up. We don't know if the grandma will be a GOOD parent to this baby, but we know that the county believes she can provide at least a "minimal level of care," which is all that is legally required to reunite kids (no, seriously: http://www.dorightbykids.org/how-do-i-recognize-child-abuse-and-neglect/are-there-shades-of-gray). We also know that the baby will be back with her brother, which is good, and that the grandma at least wants the baby, so we're hopeful that it will be okay.

  3. BAH! Controversial as it may be, I'm pretty sure I should be armed with a sterilization ray-gun. Good link, infuriating (and not surprising) info.