Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three weeks

Today is three weeks we've had the baby. She's still mostly awesome! (The mostly part comes in a four a.m. when she'd rather be held and squirm instead of going back to sleep in her bassinet.)

On Tuesday she had a visit with both of her parents. I totally blanked on the part where I was supposed to send a diaper bag to daycare to have them send on the visit, because I'm still new at this and I'm so tired and all. I called the daycare and had them pack a bottle and some diapers and wipes and a burp rag, which they did. However, I felt like a big dummy and will absolutely have her normal bag packed for her visit with her mom tomorrow.

At the Tuesday visit, the worker told her parents about the baby's doctor's appointments tomorrow and told them they were welcome to attend. They didn't have much notice and the first appointment was at 8:45 in the morning, so I didn't think they'd show, but they both did! They were half an hour late, but they were both there. It was my first meeting with the dad, so I was nervous. He was a nice enough dude, I guess. He spent the entire time we were there talking about himself, which was interesting - he asked me almost nothing about the baby and even tried to talk over the doctor to tell me about his other kids more than once. But he was there and was happy to hold the baby and burp her and stuff, so I guess that's better than nothing.

While we were at the first visit, they ruled out Crazy Genetic Skin Condition and think instead that baby just has a version of Crazy Newborn Baby Rash. They gave us a prescription for some cream to put on it and want to see her again in two weeks to check on it. I did my very best to stand back and let the parents be as involved as they wanted to be. It was just such a new dynamic that I think it was uncomfortable for all of us. The next time I think I'll see them is at court on the 17th.

In the three weeks we've had her, the baby has gained 12 ounces and grown a quarter inch. It's going to be hard to give her up!

She's screaming at me right now for not holding her, so I'm going to go snuggle the heck out of her.


  1. I am sure in the future u will see dad is probably like that all the time...and don't count on her leaving yet until someone actually says they are suggesting it in court

  2. MamaFoster, I'm sure you're right about the dad. When I told him what we knew about Crazy Genetic Skin Condition, he told new all about how he felt about it instead of asking what that meant for the baby or anything. We do know he has custody of his older son (he told me all about the drama with the son's mom), so he's more likely to get the baby in a short timeframe than the mom!