Saturday, February 18, 2012

I forgot to tell you!

Yesterday while we were at court, the baby's mom walked past me toward the bathroom. I looked up at just the right time and realized our missing pacifier on its clip was attached to the mom's belt loop.

The story I'm going with is that it ended up in the dad's diaper bag, and that the mom found it later. She's wearing it on her belt because she misses the baby and wants to be reminded of her. And she hasn't given it back because we went out and bought another clip before the next visit, so she didn't think she needed to.

Because I genuinely cannot stand the idea that she took something - a comfort object, no less - away from her child on purpose for any reason.


  1. Well, it appears her developmental state isn't far off...
    Seriously, though. Uncool. Don't steal from your kid.

  2. Yeah - that's why I have to keep telling myself the story I made up. I had to bite my lips to keep from saying something - like, "Um, hey, can I have the pacifier I bought for your daughter back so she can use it? It'll do more good with me than on your belt."

  3. It is kind of creepy to me that she had it attached to her pants. Seems like she was showing it off???? I mean, if she just wanted it for sentimental value, wouldn't she have hid it? Bio parents can be crazy sometimes.