Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Court is irritating.

So today was supposed to be our pretrial conference, wherein the court would hear the evidence the county has about the neglect of our baby.

Instead, what happened was this:

1. The baby's mom told the social worker she was ready to consent to the accusations of neglect. [This is an eventual expected outcome anyway but would just speed up the process - and it's a total shift from where the mom was last time at court.]

2. The mom's smarmy, sleazy, scumbag lawyer showed up and took her aside for some whispering.

3. The mom's lawyer, dad's lawyer (who was there without the dad, who didn't show), the baby's brother's dad's lawyer, and the county attorney got called into the courtroom for a while.

4. The rest of us got to go into the courtroom, where they discussed, in total, the visitation issues the brother's dad and the grandma are having. The only mention of our baby was in regards to the skin condition shit, which is still somehow an issue. Oh, and the baby's law guardian spoke up and said that if the judge was going to allow the brother to have visits with his dad before his dad was treated (as a precautionary measure), she was going to ask the court that the sibling visits be stopped, because there is significant concern about exposing a child this young to the poison so many times, and because this baby also has eczema there's additional concern about it getting into her bloodstream. So that part was nice.


6. I sat there going, "What? Wait, what? What just happened? Where are we going?" I talked to the worker later in the day and she told me that the mom's sleazeball lawyer talked the judge into setting ANOTHER hearing date, next Wednesday, and the mom will probably consent then. Likely reason: scumbag lawyer gets paid for a full day every time he makes a court appearance.

So I took half a day off of work to hear them barely even mention the case we were there to hear. Andy had to park ten blocks away and walk to the courthouse in a downpour and arrived just as the judge was adjourning, so all around we feel really fucking awesome about our court experience today.

Next Wednesday will be interesting - the baby has her six-month checkup that morning and now we have court in the afternoon, so there's another personal day down the tube. Cool.

To end on a positive note: we got a quart of perfect fresh strawberries in our CSA share today and it's lovely watching the rain, which is what I'm going to go do.


  1. 1- I'm going to incorporate the word "smarmy" into my daily vocabulary because it's awesome

    2- I HATE FAMILY COURT. Seriously, who benefits from adjourning a case forever? Certainly not tax payers or foster parents or THE BABY!! Ugh!

    3- You can get reimbursed for parking in the court garage- attach the receipt to your monthly mileage sheet. So much faster than trying to find street parking!

  2. This sounds totally frustrating. I think you need a rhubarb Manhattan (Tom Collins?) as suggested in your last post. Seriously, the waiting and the court stuff are THE WORST part of fostering. That's probably not literally true, but I swear it feels that way.

  3. Teresa, we both usually park in the big lot across from the courthouse, but it was full! I have no idea why we didn't think of the garage, but that will be my next spot for sure.

    And yeah, Thorn, I think a few drinks are in order. It's definitely frustrating. I wanted to stand up and yell, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING? TELL HER LAWYER TO GO FUCK HIMSELF AND LET HER SIGN THE PAPERS." (because I'm especially vulgar when I'm mad, and boy was I ever mad.)