Friday, March 9, 2012

More from court

We had another court hearing yesterday, at which I learned the following (notes on these things appear in parentheses):
- The baby's mom has started evaluation for the classes she needs to take (after only seven weeks of stalling)
- The baby's dad has painted the baby's room and, per his lawyer, purchased "some" of the necessary items for having a baby reside with him (the worker told me today that the issues with his housing do not include anything about paint colors or what stuff he has)
- The grandma has taken herself and the baby's brother to the doctor for evaluation and they were both cleared from the gross skin thing. However, the county pediatrician wants them to be treated preventatively, and the grandma has agreed.
- Neither parent has been treated yet (WHAT THE HELL). The dad made a doctor's appointment for some time next week. The mom told me she's trying to find a doctor, but told the worker in my hearing that her doctor had recently told her [xx] about an unrelated issue, so that's cute.
- We are adjourned for another month to see how things progress.

If the baby goes back to her family, which is still very much the goal, we would prefer that it happen soon. Obviously we adore this child, but we really do think that families belong together whenever possible, so it would be cool if any of these adults could get their shit together before this baby forgets who they are.

The parents aren't currently having visits. Neither of them have seen her since last Tuesday. They can't see her until they are both treated, and it's really important for her to see them regularly if she's going to be living with them. Ugh.

My sister and I were texting today, and she said something along the lines of, "I know you went into this knowing that parts of this would be hard, but did you know dealing with all the nonsense would suck so much?" And I had to tell her that really, aside from the gross skin thing, this isn't that bad. The parents aren't openly hostile- in fact, the grandma thanked me for taking such good care of the baby and said they were glad she was somewhere that she was clearly cared about, and the dad even took a break from talking about himself to tell me thanks for getting to the bottom of the medical stuff. They attend all their court dates and, let's say, 85% of their visits. They don't show up to visits high or drunk. The baby came to us because of neglect, not because of outright abuse. They haven't been coming to doctors' appointments, but then they aren't required to, so that can't really be held against them. We did go into this expecting everything to take a million times longer than a reasonable person would expect, and that has been the case, but really, as it goes, things could go a lot worse.

Do you have more questions? What do you want to know about this shit?

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