Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting political for a second

I typically try to avoid writing about political shit. It's too easy to hurt people's feelings and I don't usually feel well-informed-enough to go out on a political limb. But this is crazytown, so I'm writing about it anyway.

There is a bill in Arizona that, if passed, will give employers the right to fire a woman if the employer discovers that she uses birth control to prevent pregnancy (as opposed to solely for medical reasons), and also would allow employers to opt out of covering contraception if they find it morally distasteful. This would also require women to disclose very personal medical information to their employers in order to prove they're within the boundaries prescribed by the law for medical use.

A blogger I follow wrote a pretty awesome letter to Deborah Lesko, the senator who sponsored the bill. Her letter's funny and patronizing as all hell and I love it. I went a different route. Here's the letter I sent her yesterday:

Ms. Lesko:

I want to state, very clearly, my objection to House Bill 2625. My reproductive rights, and those of all adult humans, is the concern of no one but me, my doctor, and my intimate partners. I do not support House Bill 2625, and I very ardently hope that it is defeated.

Your support of this bill, and of HB2281, indicate that you cannot be trusted to do what is best for individuals or for society as a whole. I urge you to reconsider your position.

I haven't heard back yet. Feel free to copy this, add your own name at the bottom there, and email it to Debbie. She needs to know this is unacceptable.

Back to our regular posts about the baby and weird introspection and cusswords tomorrow!

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