Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On adulthood

This post is not well thought out or organized, and the bullets are in no way in matching formats or anything, because I’ve added to these lists over a few days as things come to me.

Things that make me feel like I’m faking this whole “being a grown-up” thing:
  • Listening to Christmas music on Pandora all day. Specifically, reading legislation while listening to the Chipmunks 
  • How often I burp 
  • How often I go without pants when at home 
  • I have a stuffed cow that joins me in bed when Andy doesn’t 
  • How incredibly silly Andy and I are when we’re alone together 
  • I would rather watch Christmas movies – specifically, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Elf, The Santa Clause, or Christmas Vacation, in that order – than almost any other movie 
  •  The part where I found out today that I wasn’t supposed to be paying into my Health Savings Account all year, as I switched health insurance plans a year ago. Apparently, this is a no-no, and I have no idea how to fix it (yes, I emailed my HR person.)
 Things that make me feel like maybe I really am a grown-up after all: 
  • Planning a Thanksgiving menu two weeks ahead of time so I have time for everything 
  • I started Christmas shopping over two months ago 
  • I pay a mortgage, and have never paid it late 
  • Sometimes I remember to make a haircut appointment before I start to look like a homeless Dennis Leary (usually I don’t, though, so maybe this belongs in the other category) 
  • Making my next haircut appointment before leaving the salon (I did this for the FIRST TIME EVER yesterday. Hello, not looking like shit for Christmas parties, nice to meet you!) 
  • Supporting local businesses and farms and being able to explain why it’s important 
  • How much time I spent today talking about fucking health insurance 
  •  The part where the state has said I’d be an acceptable parent, and the part where they’re going to give me a kid
  • Being able to describe myself as being happily married
 What about you? When do you feel like you’re faking it? When are you all, “Yes! I’m nailing this grown-up biz!”?


  1. Grown-up:

    Paying bills early.
    Sticking to a budget.
    Being able to pay for someone else's dinner.

    Basically, being financially stable makes me feel like a grown-up, and pretty much nothing else does.

    Oh! Things like, buying q-tips or milk or soap before they run out. Having a back up. That makes me feel like an extreme grown-up.

    Not sure if I am a grown-up:

    Watching iCarly and Spongebob Squarepants.

    Not keeping emergency items on hand. Like flashlights and batteries. All of the things my father always stored up. I don't even have bandaids.

    I never cook. My family eats things that can just be heated or eaten raw. I can't deal with having a dinner time, eating at a dinner table, following recipes, having a plan, cleaning up.

    Oddly, people often ask me if I cook a lot. I am always embarrassed to say no. I am 30, married, have a baby. People look at me and think I am a grown-up. They think I cook dinner and do laundry. I live like a 22 year old bachelor. I have a laundry room. All of the clean clothes are in baskets there. They never, ever get put away. Ever.

    I thought at a certain age, when I was a grown-up, it would all just make sense. These things would just fall in line. I would have all the answers. Nope. I still can't ever find matching socks.

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally get that last part - of thinking it would all suddenly make sense one day. Instead, here we are, muddling along trying to figure it out as we go and not let other people realize it.