Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight savings dreariness

This weekend we all dutifully turned our clocks back an hour. It's just past 5 p.m. and it's very much dusk here. Andy gets super bummed about having to work from before it's light until after dark, so I'm trying to think of ways to cheer him up when he gets home tonight!

I think, first, I'll have the blinds drawn, so he can't see how dark it is outside, and I'll have lamps going and probably light a couple of candles. I'll also make him some spiced cider, which I know he loves but which he rarely drinks. Maybe, instead of Arrested Development (my choice), we'll watch Parks and Recreation (his choice). And after dinner maybe we'll have some hot chocolate. And maybe we'll add some Bailey's. Because why the hell not?

I don't really mind the time change, except that it feels like it's way too late to do anything by, like, 7:30. I had an irritating day at work - everything too three times as long as it should have, and everything I picked up had some stupid problem that wasn't obvious until I had already spent an hour doing twenty minutes' worth of work - but none of that is related to the sun rising and setting. Pretty sure it was just an irritating day in the office.

I don't think Andy has Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I'm reading through this list and thinking of ways to keep him cheerful: Give me your best SAD hacks! at Metafilter.

How do you feel about the time change? Any suggestions for a cheerful evening?


  1. I'm fine with it. (:

  2. I hate everything about this stupid time change. It is now dark at 5 here and I want to throw things at the stupid sky. I can't be productive in the dark at all, ever, so I'm kinda effed 'til May. I do recommend the "happy light" - it's good to wake up to and you can close your eyes and pretend your're in a hammock in Panama. And hot buttered rum for the evenings.

  3. A "happy light" sounds awesome! What the heck is it slash where do I find one?

    Also, the cider was a huge hit, so I made it again today. The key: slices of fresh ginger. Bangarang.

  4. Wait a minute, is Arrested Development back on??? I'm guessing these are reruns or a dvd. Either way you sound like one considerate lady.

  5. Elliot, I like your attitude. After being told for for years that we should watch Arrested Development, we're currently about twenty episodes in on Netflix.