Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend project!

I finally convinced Andy that we should paint the nursery/guest room! I think we both know that if we wait until after we get a kid, it'll never actually get painted. As soon as I got home from work, I moved most of the furniture (all the stuff I could move by myself) into the middle of the room, and I took off all the outlet covers and stuff.

I want to paint the room a soft dove grey and use emerald green as an accent color. I'm 98% sure Andy thinks that's insane, and I think he's voting for sage green walls. But what the hell color can you use for accenting sage? At least with grey, if we end up with a placement who stays with us for a while, we can switch out the green for a different color: eggplant, or bright orange, or WHATEVER WE WANT because we have a neutral background!

Obviously, now that I've done the useful, moving-shit-around stuff, I am waiting for Andy to get home so we can go get paint. It can't hurt to spend that time searching Pinterest for grey nurseries and bookmarking the good ones, right?

What color would you paint the room if you were us? Options must be okay for children of either gender between birth and age five, and must not be fugly.

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  1. The House that Jak and Nick built is a foster blog that has a lot of great nursery ideas. Their foster room is grey and yellow: