Friday, November 4, 2011

Low-key Friday evening

Have you dudes ever tried roasted Brussels sprouts? Turns out: they're fucking magical. 

Andy and I like those things to begin with, but roasting brings those tasty little bad boys to a new level. And they're easy as hell to make! Easier than steaming, even, which, until today, was our go-to method.

I had a few parsnips (we got two, for some reason) and a buttload of carrots from our CSA to use up, so I chopped that stuff into biggish chunks, slapped 'em on a baking sheet with the cleaned and halved sprouts, tossed everything a few healthy glugs of olive oil and some generous pinches of salt, and roasted them at 400° for about half an hour. We ate them with some pork chops that we smeared in peach butter. It was delicious.

Now we're about to watch a movie and veg out, to celebrate not having any plans tonight. This is the first night this week that we're just staying home, so I'm knitting and we're probably going to bed early. Hooray!

I'm going to try to talk Andy into a Christmas movie. The lace knitting I'm doing on my mom's sweater takes a lot of concentration, so I can't really knit and watch something with an intricate plot, or I'll fuck the lace all up (again). But if we watch a movie I know by heart - basically, a Christmas movie or Newsies - I can be entertained AND the lace survives!

Wish me luck. Something tells me Andy will be resistant to my brilliant logic.


  1. I just roasted some brussel sprouts a few days ago. Delicious! Why do brussel sprouts have such a bad reputation?

  2. I think most people think of them as overcooked mush, but that's because most people don't know thing one about cooking foods from the brassica family. We are so much more awesome than that.

  3. This recipe converted me into a brussels sprout fanatic ( but I need to try roasting them again. I tried them roasted by someone else and they were mushy and tasted like pot... I will try your roasting idea!