Monday, April 16, 2012

Two big days

So I started a new position at work today. I haven't even really freaked out about it. Much.

I think it will be a good move. I'm still editing, but what I'm working on and the process is pretty different now. It's a much more complicated and involved job, which I think I'll like. And the trainer and the boss for the new department seem a lot more in line with my communication style than my old boss, who basically just presented numbers and let you draw your own conclusions.

I also had two secret weapons to keep me from bugging about work today:

1. My brother and his wife had their daughter yesterday morning! She is perfect and chubby and squeaks like a mouse in her sleep. She was not expected for another week but my sister-in-law had an easy labor (SHE SLEPT THROUGH CENTIMETERS FOUR THROUGH TEN) and both the baby and the mama are doing wonderfully. In fact, Andy and I brought them Mexican food for dinner last night! We are so excited to finally have her around.

2. We had court today! The baby's mom is still contesting the allegations that brought the baby into care, so they set a pretrial conference and then the actual trial date today. So it's looking like we'll have the baby at least through June 12 (the date of the pretrial conference, at which they will give the mom yet another chance to consent to the allegations) and we'll likely have her through July 9, the first date scheduled for the trial. We also learned something from the worker this week that makes it sound like the grandma thinks that if she doesn't have physical custody of the child then she'll be out of her life completely, so we asked the worker to have a conversation with the grandma to the effect that if the baby stays with us (whether by county order or by the grandma realizing that it's too much for her to take an infant on top of everything in her own life) that we would like the baby's family to still be in her life - particularly the grandma, who is the most stable of the adults involved, and the baby's brother who is in the grandma's care. We brought a few pictures today for both the mom and the grandma (doubles, so they didn't have to share) and they were both very grateful. So it's super awesome that we'll have this baby at least another two months, but we know the longer we keep her the harder it will be if the judge orders her elsewhere.

She's snoozing in my arms right now, and I'm so happy to be holding her.

Andy and I are planning to celebrate my new position, our new niece, and the continued presence of our precious baby girl with some steaks on the grill and the the first Pimm's Cup of the season!


  1. Congrats on all the good news!

  2. Thanks! We're pretty happy about it all.

  3. You you forgot to mention that you are COMPLETELY AND MASSIVELY torturing this person right here because apparently it looks bad to receive approxitmately 3 billion texts a day while you're in training. You best get your ass trained up all nice n fast so I can leave my cell phone version of solitary confinement. Because I'm starting to laugh at Amira's jokes, and we all know she's cute but she's not that funny. Also, my iPad hates this website so I can't edit anything I've typed and it takes me like 47 tries to actually post a comment, hence the Steve lack of comments. I think them really hard, though, so I hope you Get them mentally. Please ignore the scond "you" in the first sentence, enjoy the use of "you best" and change "Steve" to "severe." wtf apple?!

  4. Kid, that was a pretty awesome comment. I am also eagerly awaiting being out of training, or at least not being tied to the training lady all freaking day so I can text you back. And yeah, your kid's sense of humor needs some developing. And re: technology, I can comment on blogs from my phone but absolutely cannot figure out how to create a new post from it. Weird.

  5. I created a google account just so I can post comments on here. But now I'm thinking of starting a rival blog. I think I'll call it, "I'm already awkward." ha. I jest.

  6. Congrats on the new gig. Hope you enjoyed your Pimms!