Friday, April 27, 2012

Life continues and I'm glad it's the weekend

Hello, the internets!

This was a busy week and I'm still tired. Being in training at work sort of fries my brain so I have less energy to deal with other stuff, like the new thing where the county says that if the baby's grandma and brother don't have visible symptoms, they aren't contagious, which is total horseshit, since they didn't have visible symptoms at their visit last week and the baby sure as shit got reinfected.

So even though I'm fried, I already have two doctors - my primary care physician and the dermatologist who finally diagnosed her correctly - to refute that claim willing to write letters or make phone calls on our behalf. I don't know if it was a dick move to go above the county's head like that, but hey, I'm not trying to go through this shit a fourth time.

Tonight I think we're going to dinner with Andy's parents, and then I plan to have at least two beers and get some solid sleep. (Fun note: I had two beers in a row last week and got a little buzzed. That hasn't happened since high school. Or maybe ever. Parenting has made me a lame-o.)

Thanks for reading this shit, dudes, and thanks especially to those who comment. It's nice to know y'all are there.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Awesome for you to get the doctors to be proactive on this! Don't think of it as above anyone's head - you agreed to put the child's best interest first, and this is what you are doing! Without proactiveness on your part, the system would have even more issues - they can't keep up on it all, and ultimately it's in everyone's favor for you to step in where they fall short.
    Enjoy your weekend and lightweightedness! :)

  2. In our experience in foster care, we have found that if we don't say it, no one will. Even if you have a good caseworker, they are supposed to remain a neutral party, and they often won't act completely in the best interest of the child. Speak up when you feel the issues aren't being addressed. Worst case scenario they will tell you to stop talking.