Thursday, August 16, 2012

Slowly returning to life

This is going to be brief: We're doing moderate-to-okay, mostly. Some days are rough, some days are fine. Our friends and family have been heroes and very thoughtful and kind, which helps.

Our foster daughter had another visit with her dad, and the worker indicated that she thinks he's going to start stepping up, which means I've been freaking out about losing her too. The worker reminded me that saying isn't doing, but hey, it's something to worry about and we all know I'm good at that.

We're taking a long weekend this weekend and surrounding ourselves with people who love us, so that should be good.

How y'all doing?


  1. hang in there. it is never over til it's over in foster care.

  2. Sending lasers of positivity your way.

  3. Jenny, I have used the phrase "lasers of positivity" at least four times in the last two weeks. Thank you for brining it into my life.